Wednesday, October 19, 2011

God Glorifying Messages

Collin Hansen post:  Growing Passion for God's Word

On a recent flight I sat next to two young women returning from the same conference. They carried bags of books they received for free and a few others they bought for further study. I asked why they took time out of their busy work schedules to fly halfway across the country to hear a weekend of heavy teaching. They said they appreciated the meaty, biblically saturated, God-glorifying messages that encouraged them to love God and share his love with their neighbors. If this is what you want, I said, then you'll really enjoy The Gospel Coalition's 2012 women's conference, June 22 to 24 in Orlando.

These women reflect the trend discussed in this video by Nancy Guthrie and Kathleen Nielson, TGC's director of women's initiatives. Teaching around the world, these women have observed a growing passion for God's Word, especially in the younger generation. Women are looking for substantive study and training with the gospel of Jesus Christ at the center. One conference can't do all this in a weekend, but we hope the event will bring together many women from different backgrounds to connect and engage in serious biblical study as it's modeled by our plenary addresses and workshops.

So whether you're theologically trained or recently became a believer, we hope you'll join us in Orlando along with some of your family, friends, and Bible study group. We trust you'll be encouraged to see such a diverse group of women who love God, love his Word, and desire to speak the gospel clearly and truly together.

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