Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Mark Batterson post: Standing on the Word

There is a vast difference between a casual reading of the Word and standing on the Word. Honestly, there are some verses we read in comfortable circumstances that can't come to life until we're in a situation where we have no where to turn but to a biblical promise. You can't just read it. You need to stand on it.

For eight years we prayed that God would give us a piece of property at 201 F Street, NE. And we stood on this promise: Matthew 18:18. We didn't just read it. We stood on it. "What you bind on earth will be bound in heaven."

We believed that God wanted to give us that piece of property to build a coffeehouse so we stood on Matthew 18:18. The word "bind" means "to place a contract" on something. How do we do that in the spiritual realm? Prayer. Prayer puts spiritual contracts on things. So we had a spiritual contract on that property long before we had a physical contract. This isn't "name it, claim it." I'm not talking about selfish pursuits. There comes a moment when you simply need to stand on the Word and believe that God is going to deliver on His promise!

Don't just read the Word. Stand on it.

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