Thursday, January 22, 2009

Satisfaction in Him

New Way revolutionaries cling to their hope that they're indeed receiving the salvation of their souls, even as they walk through the door marked Oncology Department. They know they're redeemed from the futile search for soul pleasure in anything but God. Their barns may be full of blessings or they may be empty; either way, the barn door is open and their hearts are fixed elsewhere. They're redeemed to enjoy God.

As followers of Jesus, they can drink living water that satisfies their thirst and eat rich food that fills their souls with delight. No matter how life is treating them, no matter how discouraged, angry, or empty they may feel, no matter how badly they've failed, they can walk boldly into the Holiest Place. They actually encounter God. They meet the Principal, and He hugs them.

That is God's purpose in everything He does. It has been His purpose since Creation -- and it will be His purpose until it's fully realized. It's the Immanuel Agenda.

The pressure's off.

We can abandon the Rich Farmer's Agenda. There's a new way to live.

It's all about God and His glory and our satisfaction in Him.

That's been His plan since Eden.

The Pressure's Off by Larry Crabb
p. 130-131

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