Monday, February 16, 2009

Heart Goes Out

Lyrics (partial) from Warren Barfield's My Heart Goes Out to You

She sat a table away
Staring into space
In her own little world
And I saw a tear in her eye
Like a window to the mind
Of a frightened little girl
She never said a word
But I know I clearly heard
A cry for help
And I wanted to answer
I wanted to tell her

My heart goes out to you
You don't even know me
You don't even know
Oh my heart goes out to you
And I don't know what else to do
To reach you now
My heart goes out

But I'm still glued to my chair
She's unaware
There's little time
And though my intentions are good
If I'm misunderstood
The price could be high
I can't fix whatever's wrong
But if I fail to pass along
Someone cares
The price could be greater
This can't wait til later

For God has loved the world so much
He send His only Son
From Heaven to earth
Well there's a distance love covered
She's just a table over
All she needs is a shoulder

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Anonymous said...

kinda goes along with our discussion last night...and the question, "how do you know when to say something-". I am convinced that Jesus is the answer to every question and burden we all have. But I always seem to struggle with knowing how to tell someone the answer/solution when they themselves don't yet realize that they have a question/ problem/ burden, etc. The person in this song is obviously struggling about what approach to use, or even whether to approach. But he decided to risk it. Only he saw the tear. And it would have dried before the woman left. I's a slightly different question than when do you challenge someone to stop sinning, or to exercise more control, or to think about being baptized. Ok, enough talk. Back to my own struggles... -pj